Kribensis one of the most beautiful dwarf Cichlids from West Africa. Also they can be found easily and cheaper than other types of colorful Cichlids. But they can be aggressive and better learn more about them if you like to have these beautiful fish in your tank.

Convict cichilds

Convict Cichlid Fish

Convict Cichlid Fish are the 3rd most popular type of Cichlids after Angels and Oscar. They are hardy fish and easy to breed. They are aggressive and won’t hesitate to defend their teritory against even bigger fish when they are ready to breed.

Zenkeri Tiger Lotus Nymphaea bulb plant

Bought New Cichilds

An Update about my latest trip to pet shop. I have found some interesting types of Cichlids and bought several pairs of some types. That includes German Rams which I have been searching for years.