Cichlid Fish

Cichlid Fish

Cichlid fish are belong to family called Cichlidae and there are more than 2000 types out there around the world and only 1600+ are scientifically described. They are of the the most popular fish types among freshwater aquarium fish. If you have been keeping fish for a while you must have had at least one type of Cichlid because there are many common and popular types of Cichlid fish. There are types of Cichlid fish which can grow really big or some very small. Also most of these fish are aggressive and territorial nearly all these fish need to be kept in schools to spread aggression or alone. You might not know but some most popular aqurium fish are belongs to Cichlid family. for example Angelfish, Discus fish, Oscar fish etc.


Some of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish are Cichlids. But the problem is most of these fish are aggressive and really hard to be kept in community tanks. Types like Flower Horn has to keep separate from all other fish. Most of these types can be kept only with other Cichlid fish. There are handful peaceful Cichlid fish types too such has Blue rams and Bolivian rams. Also Angelfish are not aggressive but known as fin nippers.¬† Before buying Cichlid fish you must research about them and find which are good for you. Don’t just listen to petshop owners since some will tell you they can be kept with any other types but it’s not.

You have to be sure which type should be kept with which. Discus fish are very delicate and vulnerable so only good other tankmates for them are Blue Ram and Bolivian Ram. Other types and Oscar, Convicts, Fire Mouths etc will be find with bigger or their own size CiChlid fish. Some like Jewel Cichlid even more aggressive and hard to keep with other fish only as pairs. If you have a school 20-30 same type fish then it might be fine.

Most Cichlid fish¬† has their own individual personality. They have their own favorite food, favorite locations in tank and also tank-mates. Match making doesn’t work with many Cichlid types like Jewel, Oscar, Severum etc. Also Some types like Oscar would eat any other fish which fits to their mouth and sometimes even bigger fish than their mouths. So be careful when you buy a new type of Cichlid fish.