Ranchu vs Lionhead Differences

lionhead goldfish
Lionhead Goldfish

So here’s a post about Ranchu vs Lionhead Differences. These 2 types of  Goldfish are look very similar so people sometimes think they both are same.  But there are few differences between these 2 Goldfish types. Lionhead is one of ancestor of all dorsal fin less Goldfish. Lionhead is created in China which Ranchu is Japanese made.

Ranchu vs Lionhead

Problem is Western fish keepers idea of Lionhead is quite different from Chinese fish keepers.  In China Lionhead even can have a dorsal fin which is not acceptable as to western Goldfish lovers.


Lionhead Goldfish features,

  • Longer, straighter backs.
  • Fuller head-growth all around inclduing cheeks.
  • The tail fin is more erect and might even longer like fantail.

Ranchu Goldfish Features,

These guys are more complicated and there are many pointers to pick a quality fish but basic features might be these.

  • Shorter bodied with a more rounded body shape.
  • No dorsal fin.
  • More down-turned tail and tail fin.
  • More-arched back.
  • All finnage are paired.

This video might show you 2 live examples of a LionHead and Ranchu. See if you can recognize which is which.


I like to hear Goldfish keepers opinions and ideas about Ranchu vs Lionhead. How you would pick which is Ranchu and Which is Lionhead ? Not to mention there’s the hybred between these 2 types, Lionchu Goldfish.  Lionheads grown pretty big and they become larger than Ranchu.  Also they are pretty hardy fish.

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