Did You Kill Your Betta Fish


Did You Kill Your Betta Fish ? This is a good question to ask if someone tells you their Betta fish is dead for no reason at all. Nothing happens without a reason so in 99% cases it’s owners fault intentional or not. Biggest reason is people just go buy a Betta and then put it in a bowl without thinking or understanding the fish. Then next day they wonder why their newly bought Betta is dead. Here are few very common tweets you often see,

Went with Mimi to buy a betta fish last night and he’s already dead

I can think of so many reasons. Putting tab water without condition it can be the biggest reason. Some would just close the jar / bowl / tank fully making the poor fish  suffocate death without air. Also if it’s winter and water is not warm enough that might be another reason.

Both of my Betta fish died today, like how does that happen they lived in separate bowls ?!?!?

Well since both Betta fish died same time even they were in separate bowls then water temperature is the best bet. This is the problem with small bowls. There so little water even less than a gallon so it  can get cold or warn way too fast. Specially in winter you should have a mini aqua heater in your Betta Fish Bowl or Nano Tank.

when u pay someone to feed your Betta fish while you’re away and u come home to them dead anyways

Letting someone else to feed your fish rarely works. Why not buy an Automatic Aquarium Feeder ? You can get one for less than $20 and load it with food. You can time it to feed your fish upto 4 times a day. But if you play to go away then it’s recommend to set feeder to release food only once in two days or so.

Let’s just hope my Bettafish doesn’t attack the neon tetras I just got

That won’t do any good for your Neon Tetras specially if it’s a small tank. If it’s like a 3-4 feet tank then it shouldn’t be a problem. Betta will try to chase them once a while but won’t able to get close. But  Never keep Betta fish and Guppies together. That’s like asking for an disaster. Also 10 gallon tank is not ideal community tank for a Betta.

Going to buy a lady for my male Betta

Bad idea unless you plan to breed them and also have 2 separate setups. They are not gonna be happy married and live together forever. If you put a female and a male Betta together they are gonna start breeding right away. and Once egg laying is done Male will kill the poor female unless you take her out and put in another tank. Unless you don’t mind all these things better not try to find a partner for your Betta.

Babysitting my nephews’ betta fish. It’s not eating and is acting very lethargic.

It’s tweeted in end of December so I guess it’s freezing weather out there. You need a mini aquarium heater unless you already have one. Don’t feed him if he doesn’t eat. Let him to fast for couple of days. Swim-bladder problems can be happened it he’s over fed.

My betta fish passed away this morning. Got him for last Christmas so he had a long life

They can live around 7 years in captivity. Sometimes even 10 years! So he died very young not from old age.

Pretty sure I’m the only person to own bettafish where one fish dies 9 DAYS after getting it and the second one dies 7 DAYS after that.

Not really there are people who were able to achieve that overnight. It’s really important to read about the fish you are going to buy. You need to do this before buying them. Then you need to make sure you have tank ready for them at home with conditioned water. After that you should go and buy a Betta. Also you need to learn about their feeding habits.