Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish

Black Moor Goldfish are very popular among Goldfish keepers and they are generally hardy fish. They areĀ  a telescope-eyed breed of fancy goldfish which has pair of protruding eyes. These guys are known in many names like Dragon eye (in China), Kuro Demekin (in Japan), Popeye, Goggle eye, Telescope etc.

They are hardy fish but not good for ponds. Their eye sight is bad so it’s really hard for them to find food. Also they should be kept with other slow types of Goldfish like Ryukin etc. If conditions are perfect they will live longer than 20 years. Black Moors can become quite big like 25cm if you treat them with good high quality Goldfish food and in large tanks with good water condition.

Sometimes their color might change from think black to darker silver when they get older and if tank gets lots of sun light then also can get olden color in body area. Another reason why they shouldn’t be kept in outdoor ponds. Like most of fancy Goldfish you need to keep an eye on them since they are slow and their telescope eyes could be damaged by other fish or from Aquarium ornaments.

Just like other Goldfish, they would eat anything they find but since their weak eye sight better little more attention to how they eat to make sure they get their share of food. It’s better feed them several times a day but in small quantities. If you want to give them quality food then Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets, API Goldfish Pellets and other Hikari Goldfish food will keep your fish healthy and happy.

There are only way ways to find gender of Black Moor fish like any other type of Goldfish. Males have these white prickles on their grill covers in mating times and also you will notice breeding tubes. It’s nearly impossible to sex them before they before adults and ready to spawn.