Cichlid Stones

Aquarium Caves

If you are keeping a community fish tank then you must provide your fish place to hide when they feel insecure or preparing to spawn. Also some type of fish must need hiding places and cave like environment because they are naturally feel home with these things. Most types of Cichlid fish specially those from Africa are cave dwellers to you should provide some type of caves to for them to hide and stay safe and also to spawn. If spawning happens in your community tank then these caves and under water galleries help you to save at least several babies from fry.

Now there is this product called Cichlid stones from company called Underwater Galleries. These artificial caves with no sharp edges would be great for any type of cave dwelling fish like Cichlid types. These caves comes in three sizes small, medium and large. for a Cichlid tank it’s better buying medium or large size caves because they do grow fast and also the small size is for really small fish maybe good for fry but not for adult fish.

Also these caves are great for your Betta fish. They do love to hide in a cave and rest time to time. And these Cichlid stones are perfect underwater caves for them. You can buy a 2 piece stone box for just $10 and also there are larger packages available. You can find more details from their Amazon sales page.