Aquarius Aq15005 5-Gallon Aquarium

Aquarius Aq15005 5-Gallon Aquarium

Aquarius Aq15005 5-Gallon Aquarium one of the best tanks ideal for Betta fish. It’s a 5 rounded Sturdy Shatter Proof Acrylic tank and only cost you $24 at Amazon with free shipping. It also comes with several accessories to make it a ful Aquarium kit. You get a fully closed  hood with LED lighting and a 45gph Internal power filter with a premium filter cartridge.

The LED lighting system has 3 color variations daylight white, office and moonlight blue. You can control it as best suited for tank companions and also it has 10 color combinations which you can use. Mini Might internal filter will keep your fish healthy by removing all unwanted waste.

This 5 gallon fish tank is small and simple. Also cheap too. You get both lighting and a filter with it so  there are extra costs. This is why it’s perfect for anywhere house, dorm or office. Bit of gravel and one or two plastic aquarium plants would make it even better.  Live plants are better but a small tank like this it’s not practical to have real plants.

Aquarius AQ15005 is great for invertebrates who like to climb out of tanks, dwarf crays, mini-crabs and also for ornamental shrimp like cherry shrimp. But I think the best use of this tank is as a Betta fish tank. I don’t think it’s great for putting them in small bowls and 1 gallon tanks. This 5 gallon tank is perfect for Betta fish. Even they like more space than endup in a tiny bowl. You will have a happy which who has enough space to swim around and explore. Might be good for few pairs for Guppy too.

Also remember to follow instructions and advice. Most of the time people end up having problems because they don’t bother to do that. Make sure the pump is correctly fit and hose is attached properly.