Feeding Fish

Feeding Fish

Feeding your fish is one the most important tasks in fish keeping.  They won’t starve to death if u miss feeding them for couple of days but they will be start getting weaker and if this goes on for weeks they will die eventually. Also over feeding can kill your fish faster than under feeding. Also you need to know what type of fish food each fish like. Also there are other things than fish pellets you can use.

Some species of fish needs special food, for example Discus fish. Also also there are Herbivorous fish like Gold Fish and Carps but also Carnivore fish like Oscar and Piranha. Then there are fish who would eat anything. So you must know what your fish like.  Fish like Oscar need dry pellets and also chopped beef or chicken even fish like Tuna would do. Also for babies you can use hard boiled egg york. in even small quantities since these can mess your fish tanks water conditions.

Best method is feeding fish is very small amounts  several times a day. That’s the closest method to their natural feeding habits. A simple rule  you should follow is never feed your fish more than they can eat within 3 minutes. Food must be all gone in 3 minutes. If you overfeed them then all uneaten food with spoil water. You don’t want that to happen.

There are fish which prefer to swim in different leaves of water. Those who like to be near surface like Guppy, Arrowana and Betta fish. Then Mid levele swimmers who stay in middle of tank like Barbs, Tetra fish and also there are bottom feeders like Pelco,  Gold Fish, Koi, Cichild types an Cat fish etc. If you have community tank then you must make sure all the fish gets their share of food. You might want to buy different types of pellet food and mix it together for a community tank.

Also there are automatic fish feeders. You can store food and set timer, it will handle feeding your fish. If you can’t feed your fish couple of times a day then you can use one of these feeders for that. You can buy one for around $25 and it will work great. But don’t forget to check your fish tank in morning and at night before goto bed, just to make sure everything is fine. Also if you can be near tank in feeding times then fish will know you as feeder and they will come closer to glass when you are near by. They most fish can recognize the person who feed them. Something to keep in mind is fish don’t eat in middle of the night in dark (except few types of fish like Knife fish). So made sure to set feeding times correctly.

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