Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers

Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers

Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers first released to market in early 90s Hikari just targeted the owners of fish like Plecostomus. Mainly because there are some expensive Plecostomus which should be given a special diet. Also people were searching for special food for  Pleco and Bristlenose Plecostomus types because those days it was a common problem these fish get thinner and thinner by day. Hikari created this potential diet as a solution for that.

They had to think about several things when they created the Algae Wafer product in market. They wanted to make sure it wouldn’t dissolve in water fast like other fish pellets and allowed the nutrition to be accessed readily. Also Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers are made in disk shape so it complimented the way Plecostomus eat. But you will find not just Plecos but all other fish love these wafers even some voracious predator Cichild fish types like to goble up these. But make sure not to use this thing as a general diet product for a community with meat eaters.

This Algae Wafer is specially made for Plecos and all other types of algae eating bottom feeders like Corydora, Bottom feeding catfish etc. But it’s ready eaten by many other fish like Goldfish, shrimps, snails and all types of Livebearers etc. and guess what it also great for sea water fish too!

This high quality Algae Wafer food a great fish food for those who have expensive types of Pleco like L250 Pleco, L260, LDA105 (Typoon Pleco) L96 Coffee & Cream  Pleco and those rare albino pleco types. Hikari Algae Wafers comes with high levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and it will keep them happy and healthy.

About feeding, Feed only the amount your fish will completely consume within two hours not more. So it’s better start with just few bits for start when you introduce this Hikari Pellet to your first for first time. Let they have it with the food they are used to and slowly increase the amount. Not all types of fish ready each anything any see or new. Like humans some fish hate to change their diet which they are so used to so better do it slow. Don’t get disappointed fish doesn’t eat it in first 2-3 days. Break wafers into smaller pieces feed just a little.

You can buy Hikari tropical Algae Wafer 8.8oz for around $12 with free shipping at Amazon or if you need a bigger pack you can get a 2.2lb pack for $42. Also if you want to test it or want even a smaller pack then 0.70 Ounce and 1.41 Ounces packs are also available.

2 thoughts on “Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers”

  1. if you say not bye snail two then why do pet stores say there a good tank clneear? i have to in a seperate bowl now because my gold fish has ick . well had ick they all died and all thats left is my sucker fish and my dino eel of wich i dont have a clue about and dont know why it didnt get ick or why it has a strang pouch on its gill

  2. Problem with Plecostomus is most common types tend to grow really big even bigger a foot long. Older they get become a more problem than solution since they start eating fish food too and also poop more than they clean. Also sometimes they even can harm slow moving fish like Goldfish, Discus Fish. So they really not exactly a great solution. Chinese Algae Eaters might be better since they only grow upto 6 inches. The best solution for a clean tank is finding best filter system suitable for your tank.

    Some fish are tough and rarely get ick. Also I have noticed there are types of fish which get ick when small but if they survive then rarely they get it again. Dinosaur Eel aka Polypterus senegalus is a one tough fish. 🙂

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