Koi Swordtails


Koi Swordtails

Have you seen these beautiful Koi Swordtails ? Few months age I found them in a petshop where they were pretty much neglected. probably the last of their batch. I bought 2 pairs took them home and found their tail fin is some how deformed. Anyway I have kept them and got 2 tach of babies and unfortunately they had the same problem. It’s really disappointing and since they I’m trying trying to find them again but so far no luck. You can see from photos this is one Swordtail type which is exceptionally beautiful.

Their colors are red, orange, black and white. They might have 2 colors or 3 colors. Just like Kois these guys are also named as Showa Swordtails and Snake Swordtails depending on their color patterns.  Showa means a black color fish with red and white color spots and patterns. Snake white color fish with red and black color dots and patterns.

Unlike other types of Swordtails they are not easy to find also bit vulnerable for illnesses. Like all other types they are jumpy too so you need to cover your tanks. Other than that its all same. They are livebearers so you get babies and also their eating habits are same. Very peaceful but they fight each other if there are many males in tank.

I found this paper back book written by Herbert R. Axelrod about Swordtails. It’s called Swordtails: Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity. It’s a comprehensive little book on the subject of Swordtails I couldn’t find any other book about the subject. This paper back book cost you only $1.70 at Amazon depending on the print you get so check that out and see if you want to add it to your book collection.

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