Wall Mount Fish Bowl – Read Before Buying

Wall Mount Fish Bowl

In simple words DO NOT Buy a Wall Mount Fish Bowl for your Goldfish or Betta. These Bowls should not use to host even shrimp. I have no idea who created this but this is not something should use for keeping fish. Please pass the word to anyone who is silly enough to think it can hold some fish and those will be happy. But if you really really want this then use those plastic fish. You can find above photo in online pet stores promoting this bowl and it shows how much pet stores care about well being of fish they sell.

Some people argue it’s fine for housing a Betta fish since they are such small and show moving creatures. But that doesn’t mean they prefer to live in such a tiny space. Even thinking A Betta would be fine in a bowl like that is a merciless thought. Every new comer to this hobby should educate them selves about each fish they hope to buy in future. You might not know but Some Fish are smarter then your other domestic animals. They feel pain and have longer memories than commonly belief. Fish probably have feelings too just like your pet dog or cat.

If you are going to buy a Betta for your self or your kids then make sure you buy at least a 2 gallon tank. But we recommend having a 5 gallon tank or if it’s possible a nice 10 gallon tank. A male Betta will live happily in a small community tank with suitable tankmates. If your tank has lots of plants, caves and other things Betta will happy start exploring around the tank. In wild they live in Vast wet lands and those paddy fields in Eastern Asia. So they love to swim and explore.

Goldfish should be kept in even larger tanks depending on the type. They will never last long in a Wall Mount Fish Bowl like this one. Not even one single Goldfish. Those large Goldfish types like Commons, Comets and Shubankins should be kept in every large tanks or out door ponds. or you will need like 100 gallon tank to house couple of them. Remember these guys are messy eaters so they need powerful filtering system. You can’t put even a air stone into these bowls. It’s even cruel to think about having a Goldfish in a bowl. They won’t die right away in many cases but it’s not a life even a fish deserve.

Even Fancy Goldfish types which won’t grow too big like single tail types need at least 50 gallon tank minimum. Plus Filtration and everything else. If it’s Oranda Goldfish then you will need to upgrade the tank later when they outgrow it.

Hopefully Anyone who have read this won’t be buying those Wall Mount Fish bowls for their pet fish. If you really love and care your fish then won’t even think touching one of these. get a good size tank which you can afford as well as fits space you have in your house. or make sure you buy type of fish which suitable for the tank size.