Goldfish Types

Goldfish types

There are so many Goldfish types out there are every years there’s a couple of hybrid Goldfish kinds come out. But there are some main groups which you should know about.  Knowing special details about each of these types will give you all the knowledge you need to keep your Goldfish happy and healthy. Remember gold fish can live long and longer than a cat or a dog or most of birds out there.  But you need to treat them right and keep them happy and healthy. So lets take a look at each type of Goldfish out there.

Goldfish Types

Remember each type might need different type of tank or tank-mates.  I will try to add photos and videos of each type so you can recognize type type of Goldfish do you have.  It’s good to find real name of the Goldfish you have.

Common goldfish

common goldfish

Only difference between common Goldfish and the ancestor of all Goldfish, Prussian carp is their color. They look bright red or orange and have a single caudal fin (tail fin). This type is easy to find and very cheap. Well even thought most popular types are red or orange there are other colors like white, black and yellow.

Comet Goldfish

Comet Goldfish

Comet goldfish look very much like Common Goldfish but their caudal fin (tail fin) is longer. Other than than they are identical. Both these types are hardy fish which could grow upto 12 – 14 inches long.



Shubunkin is a single tailed (caudal fin) Goldfish is originated in Japan. They have a color pattern called Calico. Japanese fish keeper called Yoshigoro Akiyama created this colorful type of Goldfish crossing Calico telescope eye with Common goldfish in 1900. These guys are excellent pond fish because they can grow up to 10-18 inches long.  There are three new variants of them,  London Shubunkins which has stout body with short and rounded fins like common Goldfish.  American Shubunkins which has slimmer bodies with deeply forked, pointed tail fins. Bristol Shubunkins which has slim body but well developed fins. their tail fins are forked but more like “B” Shaped.



Oranda is one of the most popular types of Goldfish. Special thing about them is their raspberry-like head growth. Red Cap Goldfish is an Oranda variant. This “Cap/Hood” known as  “Wen” and it should be well developed. Country of origin is China. They are very sensitive to low water temperatures and and water conditions so need more attention than other Goldfish types. They prefer temperatures from 17-28°C (65-80+°F).  Sometimes this Wen can cover their eyes limiting their vision so make sure to keep this type of Goldfish with those who are same because otherwise they will have hard time complete for food with other more faster Goldfish. Another disadvantage is this wen thing is prone to bacterial infections. They must be kept in clean water.

Fantail Goldfish

fantail goldfish

Fantail goldfish are same as Ryukin with egg shaped body but less or no shoulder hump but also fins are less developed than Ryukin. They have high dorsal fin and  a long quadruple caudal fin. Anal and caudal fins are well divided into two matching halves. Generally considered a hardy type of goldfish.

Veiltail Goldfish

Veiltail Goldfish

Veiltail Goldfish and Fantail Goldfish are very similar in many ways. A Veiltail’s Tail fin is at least three-quarters of  body length and divided in the center Fantails are similar too but they hold it upright when they swim. Veil-tail Goldfish have no hump and have  high and prominent dorsal fin. This  type was created in United States in 1890.



Ryukins have  a characteristic hump in the shoulder region and short deep bodies. There might be long fins or short fins types and different color varieties. Their country of origin is Japan and grow upto 8 -9 inches. They are hardy fish unlike many other types of fancy goldfish. Also known as Japanese Ribbontail or Fringetail.


Tosakin goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish are believed to be created from Ryukin in Japan unknown lower-ranking samurai. They are rarely can be seen outside of Japan.  This type is very distinctive with their a large tail fin that spreads out horizontally.



Pearlscale is another type of fancy Goldfish which is also known as Chinshurin in Japanese.  They are hardy fish but sensitive to temperature and Ph changes.  Because their body shape and none-stop eating habit they are vulnerable to swim bladder problems. So careful when feeding them. This is one type of fish you should never over-fed. They are slow fish and pretty much defenseless so make sure u mix them with right tank-mates.

LionHead Goldfish

lionhead goldfish

Lionheads are one of the oldest type of goldfish which’s from China. They are the predecessor of Ranchu Goldfish.  It might be not easy to recognize the difference between these two Goldfish types unless you are an experienced Goldfish keeper. There is a confusion because see Chinese as Lionhead is not the same as what Western Hobbyist see.  This need one long topic which is not easy to explain here. Lionheads have a straighter back then Ranchu also longer fins.


Runchu goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish is another hooded variety created in Japan.  It’s one of the most popular among Goldfish types and they believe it’s the King of Goldfish. They have a more down turned  tail fin than Lionhead and also more-arched backs and have much shorter tails.

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