Zebra Pleco Fish

Zebra Pleco

Have you ever seen Zebra Pleco Fish in real or in a pet shop ? Probably you might not because this is one of the most expensive types of plecostomus fish out there are also extremely hard to keep.  So mostly these fish are only available at high-end aquarium shops and Pleco breeders. Like to have one ?  Problem is are you willing pay $500 -$5000 for this beautiful creature ? Not many out there would do that.

This beautiful little guy is known as L046 among Pleco keepers and breeders. They are basically a catfish type endemic to Brazil and only can be found in river area called Xingu. Fist discovered in early 90s and Brazil government has banned exporting them. So they are really rare to find and very expensive.

There are several variations like Lo46, L098, L073, L236 are all common known as Zebra Pleco but not same in many ways. Also they are sold for different prices depending on how rare they are. They are not for even avarage fish keeper not just because of the their expensive prices but also because they are extremely hard to keep. Zebro Pleco likes clear water and a fast moving current and won’t survive in still or dirty water. Not very territorial but need a planted tank with drift wood. So you have to setup specific tank setup for them. A high flow rate and high filtration is a must to make sure water does not become polluted. Unless you are an experienced Pleco fish keeper better not buy these beautiful guys.

Another thing is L046 is a predator which prefer feeding on small invertebrates rather than algae. But they are herbivore so known to like Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers like many other types of Plecostomus fish. Another type of food they like is Tetra Prima. This Pleco type is but fussy about food and you might want to try and see what they like.