Algae Eating Fish

Best Algae Eating Fish Your Aquarium

Here is a list of the best Algae Eater Fish out there for you to take. You can learn all about them including what’s good and bad. It’s important finding the right one for your fish and also for size of your aquarium. there some types of avoid like common Plecos and Chinese sucker fish. Shrimps are amazing at this but they usually become snacks for bigger fish.

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Wall Mount Fish Bowl

Wall Mount Fish Bowl – Read Before Buying

In simple words DO NOT Buy a Wall Mount Fish Bowl for your Goldfish or Betta. These Bowls should not use to host even shrimp. I have no idea who created this but this is not something should use for keeping fish. Please pass the word to anyone who is silly enough to think it

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Tiger Nerite Snail

Who Wants a Pet Snail

What you want to have a large snail as a pet ? or need a good cleaner snail for your aquarium ? Here are some most suitable snail types to choose. There are so many beautiful snail types which won’t mass reproduce.

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Electric Blue Crayfish

Crayfish shedding shell

Have you ever seen a Crayfish shedding it’s shell or do you know the fact they have no problem eating the whole thing again ? Here you can watch videos about these colorful guys molting and also interesting facts about them.

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How To Tame Your Fish

How To Tame Your Fish

Learn methods and tricks about How To Tame Your Fish. It’s always a nice sight when fish dash front of tank and start begging for food. Not all fish do this and sometimes you to train them to do so. Find out easy ways to tame your aquarium fish.

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